Forgive and Forget

Rhythm Gospel & Blues is more of a community than a band and while there is a collective desire to make this new record, we support each others individual projects.

Linda McCrary has a new single, Help Me To Forgive, the first of a series of songs related to her passion project on Forgiveness.

There is almost sense of completion for Linda and me in that I wrote this song for her 20 years ago for The Amazing Stories project.

At the time Linda was, let us just say ‘suffering’… and while her first recording of the song was more of a fervent cry of help …”Oh God, please rescue me from drowning in my own anger and bitterness” this new version, is a celebration of what God has been doing in her life since that very dark season.

Linda’s life bears witness to forgiving, forgetting, letting go and moving on and she now has the strength, the conviction and a kind of right to call out to the rest of us to forgive our enemies, politicians, law enforcement officers, nations, neighbors and or family members.

And, so while we are in the middle of a crowd funding campaign for Rhythm Gospel & Blues I commend you all to visit your preferred online music store and ‘pick up’ a copy of Linda’s fresh new version of ‘Help Me to Forgive’.



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