Half Glass Full

the end of the tour_2Today is a day of thanks… to be near the 66% mark of our rewards campaign with just a few days to go… makes me extremely thankful.

I can see that the glass is more than half full. Can You?

I am genuinely thankful for all the generous investors of hard earned cash, of the encouraging words, the cheering from both the sidelines and within the paying fields and the relentless social medial blasts out to the four corners of the earth.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that being that the album’s purpose is to ‘go out into the market place’ that most of our support has come from people with at least one foot outside the bounds of the traditional Church. In a strange way… this has been most reassuring.

Also of interest is how many of you chose to work outside the crowd funding website parameters site to help us reach our goals. You are a creative lot.

The many conversations I have had with y’all, the feedback and or interest in the project has helped to shape the album… stirring up new songs from within me… and stimulating our own internal discussions about the sound of the album… and its potential to be better than anything we have produced before.

More To Come

Many of you have said or hinted that you still had something to inject into the campaign and with just two days remaining, now is the time, as Nike would suggest to ‘Just do it!’

For some of you, timing might be an issue so why not send us an email today saying “I can inject ‘this $ much’ by ‘this date’ and then we can add that amount and or your Reward of choice into our Pending ledger. Your promise helps us to move toward our target.

Thanks for sharing the adventure,


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