In The Studio

Dear friends, my apologies for the tardy correspondence. We have been working hard in the Honky Abby studio these past two weeks (I have the tan to prove it) .

We have tracked most of the instrumental parts and starting tomorrow, Linda McCrary and the gang begin to lay down the smokin’ gospel background vocals. I can’t wait.

We probably have about two and a half weeks of recording and editing before we go into the mix mode of the process.

In a few days I will send out a video and some additional information for all those who have generously volunteered to sing in our world wide gospel choir. There’s still time to sign up for this… just go to our website and click on the “Sing on Our Album” button.

Thanks again for continuing to blow the wind into our sails. We are moving forward and gathering pace…



P.S. The video above is of David Raven laying down the drums on “River Child” and new song of ours about Redemption and identity… in the style of Robbie Robertson… this is a very rough mix with final vocals to come.


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