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Breaking News:

We just passed the 30 day deadline of our Crowd Funding Campaign reaching 80% of our initial target. However with lots of continued interest we are keeping the Rewards Campaign open throughout the recording process. For yes… we are sailing on because we have more than enough provisions (stowed away) to start work on the album… and call me crazy, but I just have the sense that we will have all that we need… when we need it.

The day I pressed the send button to commence the crowd funding campaign I had this picture in my mind of me, pushing a small skiff off a sandy beach onto the ocean waters to begin an uncharted voyage. There wasn’t any wind to speak of but I had this sense that the wind would begin to blow, when I was out at sea… where I belonged.

As for the campaign itself, I didn’t know what to expect… was there anyone out there who would blow a little wind into our sails… would we just drift aimlessly for 30 days before the PayPal coast guard came to our rescue or would we make some headway towards our intended destination.

I shared this picture that first morning with my friend Don Kappauf, mentioning that I had imagined myself, once I had the boat on the water, hoisting every sail (in faith) and looking out at what I felt was a new horizon. This is part of Don’s response:

“You mention that you are on a new journey and you are raising every sail. When on a boat, if you look as far as you can across the ocean, what you see is what we call the horizon. Horizon literally means no boundaries. So know that with God there are no boundaries. No boundaries to his love, no boundaries to his grace, no boundaries to his creativity, no boundaries to where he may lead you. Enjoy the sail, enjoy the ride!”

It has thus far been a truly adventurous ride and while we still have that destination of $30,000 (and more) in our minds eye, with your permission, we are going for it. We begin the studio-production process tomorrow. I will keep you posted.



p.s. I am preparing the spinnaker for that big wind that’s about to blow.


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