Happy and Melancholy, a Good Mix

Working with Linda McCrary is always an enriching experience for me. I can be a bit of a melancholic while she is ‘all smiles’… and I think together we make a great team.

Speaking of which, thanks for all the encouraging calls, texts, emails and messages on social media and for those of you who have already generously invested into this project.

On paper we are currently nearing 17% of our goal with 14 days to go. We have received lots of ‘coming soon financial pledges’ and a generous offer from a recording studio (a gift in hours rather than $’s) that gives us confidence that we will get close to our initial target.

FYI: we built this crowd funding site ourselves for the purpose of developing a Rhythm Gospel & Blues community… this allows us much more flexibility in how we manage the process.

For example, there has been several inquiries from people not wanting to be limited by either the Rewards on offer or PAYPAL. While several committed ‘fans’ have actually dropped by the ‘office’ to give me a check, an alternative method would be to send a check or money order, addressed to Sounds Dangerous LLC (marked… RG&B Album) PO Box 48316, Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA.

One of the highlights for me these past few weeks has been playing guitar with Linda, Alfie Silas, Charity McCrary (singers on many of Andre Crouch recordings) over at New Christ Memorial. These gospel-worship services in the birth place of so many wonderful songs (Jesus is The Answer, My Tribute, Soon and Very Soon) continue to inspire me to be a better songwriter… and to keep writing for this wonderful community of musicians, singers and artists.

If you haven’t heard the songs planned for the album click this Rhythm Gospel & Blues Medley link.


Have a great weekend,



Forgive and Forget

Rhythm Gospel & Blues is more of a community than a band and while there is a collective desire to make this new record, we support each others individual projects.

Linda McCrary has a new single, Help Me To Forgive, the first of a series of songs related to her passion project on Forgiveness.

There is almost sense of completion for Linda and me in that I wrote this song for her 20 years ago for The Amazing Stories project.

At the time Linda was, let us just say ‘suffering’… and while her first recording of the song was more of a fervent cry of help …”Oh God, please rescue me from drowning in my own anger and bitterness” this new version, is a celebration of what God has been doing in her life since that very dark season.

Linda’s life bears witness to forgiving, forgetting, letting go and moving on and she now has the strength, the conviction and a kind of right to call out to the rest of us to forgive our enemies, politicians, law enforcement officers, nations, neighbors and or family members.

And, so while we are in the middle of a crowd funding campaign for Rhythm Gospel & Blues I commend you all to visit your preferred online music store and ‘pick up’ a copy of Linda’s fresh new version of ‘Help Me to Forgive’.



Singing in the Solstice

We were on tour in the UK and were booked to play pubs, Churches and a few night clubs, including the famed Cavern, the birth place of the Beatles.

The most interesting gig was to be at a new age festival, that for some reason, a local promoter had considered a perfect fit for our ‘psychedelic jamming music’.

Lets just say that when the organizers of the festival event, catering to folk from the Wicca religion and various other esoteric tribes, realized that we were a gospel blues band traveling round the country singing about our Jesus experiences, they tried to kick us off the festival bill.

But after a discussion about contracts and integrity and shared musical tastes, we were given permission to play two songs as the opening act… during the late afternoon before too many of the new age patrons arrived.

On the afternoon of the event we walked up to the festival stage with our guitars, amps, drums and B3, and to say that we were unwanted would have been an understatement. The tech crew, the musicians in the other bands and the festival helpers all kept there distance.  There was even a rumor floating round that we had actually helped burn witches at the stake.

There would be a twist to this tale.Read more

When You Wake Up in The Morning


When you wake up in the morning, what is it you want to do?

Linda McCray, Sandra Stephens and Alfie Silas, some of the singers in Rhythm Gospel & Blues, they, like the birds in the sky have to sing from dawn till dusk. I think Dave Raven wakes up wanting to hit things… but it’s his musical rhythms that pulls us all into shape.

Whether I like it or not, I’m usually wide awake round 3 am with a song or a story swimming round my head and I have to go write it down.

I need you to be you and you need me to be me. When we all play our part, we are there for each other to lend a helping hand when the need arises.

Think of Rhythm Gospel & Blues as your very own gospel outreach band.  You empower us to go to places you cannot reach… to sing to the lost souls, to stir the spirits of the disenchanted, to lift the eyes of the down trodden and lead the disparate and wandering tribes back to the throne of mercy.

If you can do nothing more, please pre-order a digital copy of the album today.

your sleepless musician,



Testing Out The Songs

The best way to see or hear if a new song works is by performing it live. The more an audience engages with a song… the less work it is for the performer. In fact, sometimes it hardly feels like work at all.

I have been sharing this song “This is Our Time” to as many people who will listen and it is proving a ‘winner’.

The song is like a letter from a Dad to a child. Its about letting go of the old days (of glory or disappointment)… and all the excuses… like… being too young, or too old, poor in pocket or lacking education… being born at the wrong time or in the wrong nation or culture… any reasoning onto which we hold that prevents us from moving on… into our true identity.

Here’s a snippet… (bum chords and all). The finished article will be on the new album.

Did You Know?

Chris Falson and Rhythm Gospel & Blues: Update

Dear friends, did you know that I launched a crowd funding campaign last week in support of a new album with my band, Rhythm Gospel and Blues? Click here If you missed it.

Over the last few days I have received a barrage of encouraging emails and calls about the album from people all over the world. I should have done this years ago… just for the interaction.

The campaign is ticking along nicely and with your help we are moving towards our initial target of $30,000.

While the objective is to produce a world class Gospel album and then release it into the mainstream music markets, a campaign such as this enables us to share an assortment of unique rewards with you. I hope there is one here that piques your interest.

There has been a lot of interest in the ‘Sing on the Album’ reward and I am excited by the idea of having you sing along with Linda McCrary and the Rhythm Gospel and Blues Choir… AND see your name on the album credits.

I won’t keep you any longer. Please check out the site and if you have any questions leave a comment or send us an email.