About Us


The idea of a ‘bluesy gospel band’ started ‘way back’ with the formation of The Amazing Stories and over the years… well, we just kept collecting people who ‘wanted in’. The key players on this current album project are Chris Falson, Linda McCrary, David Raven, Alfie Silas, Pattie Howard, Vonciele Fagget, Angolee Williams, Chuck Heat, Jay McCrary, Charity McCrary, Rondez Rolle, Sandra Stephens, John Schreiner, Sam Sparro, Danny Ybarra, James Bowen, Jonathan Flaugher,  and Tony Green and a truly amazing gospel choir that has performed and recorded with Beyonce, John Legend, Elton John, Andre Crouch and many more.


Rhythm Gospel & Blues is more of a community than a band. Our ‘eclectic sound’ emanates from a shared background in Soul, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Gospel and Worship music. We are young, old, black, white and various colors in between. We are hip, old school, we can funk it up, lay it down, celebrate or chill. We can make you wanna dance or lead you to your knees to pray. Our songs tell of our own journeys over the many rocky mountains, across the troubled waters and through the desert valleys, in both suffering and joy, through trials or in victory we are fearless. We have nothing to hide or of which to be ashamed. We are, who we are. We are Rhythm Gospel & Blues.


Our core mission is to help fans, friends and family discover their true Identity. Being that one moment in God’s presence is like a thousand elsewhere, we aim to bring people to that special place, either by singing of our own  brokenness, rites of passage, faith and or healing experiences… by challenging the religious and ascetic status quo’s that hold many of us captive…or… by tearing up the house, shaking the cob web’s loose and freeing up the soul. We like to think that a merry soul is good medicine.


For those who have not seen or heard us in action in the clubs, bars, churches, prisons and theaters around the world, we are making this album and a series of videos of live performances, interviews and training for you. We have made other albums together, just not under the name of Rhythm Gospel & Blues. Check out… Tree by The Water, Chris Falson & The Amazing Stories, Rescue Me and or the small ensemble videos on YouTube.

While our projects are designed to help everyone discover their true identity, we want to inspire and challenge other artists, musicians, singers and songwriters  to tell their own God-stories, to be genuine, passionate and fearless as they reveal their pain, loss, heartbreak, joy, love and hope to a world that’s searching for the ‘real thing’.


In March of 2016 we will release our latest music project, the “You Got Wings” album. We will be touring and shooting a series of a live concert videos and posting them on our You Tube Channel. We already have a few video stories and you can watch them here.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Rhythm Gospel & Blues