Woohoo… The album is finished

Hey there friends, fans and family.

Great news!… (take a big breath)… yes we finally finished our great opus, the Rhythm Gospel & Blues album entitled “You Got Wings”.

Hugs, kisses and a big thank you to all those who shared in this labor of love. We are so grateful for all your generous gifts of time, talents, prayers, encouraging words and of course, your financial investments into our dreams… which are now becoming a reality.

Before we officially launch the album to the wider public and make the songs available to the digital stores of iTunes, Spotify and so on, we are doing a private album release, a kind of ‘back stage pass’ if you will, sending out the high quality Digital and CD versions of the album to all of our crowd funding patrons as a small gesture of thanks for all the support!

If you were expecting a pre-release digital download of the album as part of a reward, you should have already received a code to download the album.  We have discovered that some emails have been lost in cyber space and you may want to check your spam or junk folders. Please contact us if you have any problems.

As for the CD’s, they are being manufactured and, along with any other type of physical and or digital reward, will be shipped out to you in the coming weeks. Please note, we will be shipping to the address you signed up with on the Rhythm Gospel &Blues website. If there has been a change of address please advise immediately.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to join the RG&B crowd funding team… there is still time. We require a little bit more help in order to reach our project goal and will keep the campaign open until we officially launch the album. Please check out our Rewards page for an updated view of all available rewards.
Here’s a sneak preview of album for your listening pleasure.

More news to come soon… thanks always,


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  1 comment for “Woohoo… The album is finished

  1. Glenn M Feehan
    February 29, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    this is GREAT news – great Cover Art – cant wait to get mine!
    Cheers RGB!

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